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Hey everyone!  It's almost Halloween which is totally my favorite holiday so I figured it was high time for a new challenge.  

Theme: Anything and everything to do with Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead, etc.  Use your imagination!  
Deadline: Can be submitted anytime before or on November 5th
- Please submit to the Contest and challenges folder, entries not put in here will not count!
- Must be new art, if it's from last year or something, you will be disqualified
- Any medium is absolutely fine
- It does not necessarily HAVE to be mythology related, things like the headless horseman and werewolves are allowed.  The more creative, the better.
- Nudity is allowed, but must be tasteful.
- One entry per person, please!
- 1st place will receive a piece of digital art drawn by me and a random piece of handmade jewelry also made by me.
(unfortunately we're too poor to give away anything other than art and journal features, but hey, have fun!)
- Assuming there's more than 10 entries, our top ten  favorites will be featured in the journal posting the winner.  

- Since I do not have the ability to post polls in this group, voting will be done through notes.  I'll post more about that when we get there.

All right!  Get to it!  If there's any questions feel free to ask.
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The Rules

General Rules
1) All join applications are automatically accepted, however all submissions must be approved just to make sure they adhere to the rules. Don't worry, we won't decline something because we don't like it, only because it's violating the rules in some way or put into the wrong category.

2) Any art medium is acceptable, any at all. Each medium has its own category in our gallery and we ask that you please submit it to the proper folder. You may not submit to the featured folder, that is reserved for contest/weekly challenge winners. You also may not submit something that is not for the bi-weekly challenge or any other contest into its respective folder. (Folders and what goes where is listed below)

3) ALL Fictional mythology (from fandoms or your own OCs, whatever) MUST go in the fictional section reguardless of the medium.

4) In order for your art to be accepted it must be inspired in some way by any mythology or culture (ex: Greek, Egyptian, Sumerian, Norse...) or ancient religion (no modern religions please, or there is too much drama) Also Anyone who posts art that is offensive to any faith (whether in the art itself or the description) will be removed from the group without warning. We will not judge art on quality because, as artists, we understand different people have different levels of ability. But please, do not submit low effort art. You should be proud of your work and the time you put into it.

5) ALL art submitted must be drawn/made by you - no exceptions. If you use stock for a photomanipulation, as a pose reference, etc - it MUST be credited in the description. The same goes for any other resource image, such as a doll base for a pixel doll.

6) Mature content is allowed, but it must be tasteful. In other words, nudity/gore is fine, but we don't want pornography or a bad horror movie. It must also be properly labeled as mature, if this is not done - the art will not be accepted.

7)You may submit a maximum of 5 pieces of art per day.

Gallery Folder Descriptions
Featured Don't submit here! This is for contest winners only.
Contests and Challenges Submit art for weekly challenges and contests here. This is only for group contests, not official deviantart contests or any other privately hosted contest.
Digital art Any art created digitally goes here (pixel art, CG drawings, photomanipulation, flash, animations...)
Traditional Art Any art created traditionally goes here (painting, sketching, printing, origami...)
Jewelery and Crafts Any handmade jewelery or crafts go here (necklaces, sculptures, decorations...)
Fibers and Textiles Handmade textile art... (crochet, kintting, clothing designs, accessories, wall hangings...)
Literature Anything you have written with mythological/religious references (poetry, short stories, novels...)
PhotographyAny photos of religious icons, buildings, etc. (Things like the pyramids, greek temples, machu pichu...)
Fictional For art inspired by fictional mythology. (Final fantasy summons, YGO Milleunium world characters, The Order of Lorelei... you get the idea, also can be used for your own fictional religion and OCs)

If you unsure of where your art belongs, or have any other questions, don't be afraid to either note or comment :iconvolkihar: or any other admins with your questions.


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talfar Featured By Owner May 13, 2016  Professional Writer

Please, add in your group my new Mesopotamian art:

Ishtar - Goddess of Babylon:…

Thank you!
Nonacrone Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2016
Can I join?
user-name-not-found Featured By Owner May 5, 2016  Student Artisan Crafter
FireVerseCeramics Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hello there and thank you for allowing me to join and share my ceramics pieces with the group. :)

I have some more pieces here at Etsy and I also make clayworking tutorials over on Youtube, if you were so inclined. Have a nice day.
talfar Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Professional Writer
Shalom! Please, make me a member of your group!
I like Ancient Mesopotamia much!
Please, look my arts of Sumerian and Akkadian mythology!

Inanna and Shukalletuda:

Inanna and Gaygamesh:

Gaygamesh and Enkidu - kiss:

Abuni ang Singamil - Sumerian gay-lovers:

Sumerian god Enki:

Inanna and Enki - Stealing Me:

Yong Dumuzi and Yong Ishkur:

Dumuzi - the Good Shepard:

Inanna and Dumuzi - wedding:

Nergal and Ninurta:

Nergal and Ereshkigal - love:

Nergal and Jesus Christ - sex:

Jesus and Satan:

Ninurta and shumerologist V.V. Emeljanov - love:

Ninurta, Shara and Enlil:

Enuma Elish - Enlil and Tiamat:
Silver-Otter Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks for adding my Runes!
concordexlover Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks a bunch for the invite!
Quirkydismal Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012
Thanks for adding my Spaghetti Monster pin :)
user-name-not-found Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
no problem. I once studies the ways of his noodle-y appendage. Thank YOU for making such a beautiful pin. :D
mattyparker199 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2012
hey! thankyou for letting me join your group much appreciated :):D
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